Kingdom of HeavenS



Listen and contemplate what Jesus has to teach about the “Kingdom of HeavenS”. Yes, I said HeavenS, not heaven. Ian Lynch in his short blog has reintroduced me to what Jesus actually says.


Listen and contemplate what it means to discover God in the all that we can touch and see and hear – in what we can smell and taste in the world around us.


Listen and contemplate what it means to discover the presence of God not in looking up beyond the moon and stars, but rather what God has placed in and between us in human relationships and experiences?


I commend for your reflection the work of Ian Lynch found on the Darkwood Brew blog titled: “For HeavenS’ Sake” (June 18, 2014).  


Listen and contemplate this question Lynch asks:


Are you really ready to pray for the Reign of the Heavens to be visible in the heaven above you and the earth beneath you? Are you ready to bring about justice? Are you ready to care for creation as a faithful steward? Are you ready to end homelessness, and hunger, and war? You better be if you are praying the Lord’s Prayer. The revolution will not be televised…it will be incarnated in the people of God who pray as Jesus taught us.


Also, if you haven’t discovered darkwood brew, it’s worthy taking some time on Sundays to listen and participate in the discussions….