About Rev. Tom Cundiff

Why Did I Create this BLOG?
Rev. Tom Cundiff

Why did I create this blog? The short answer: I created this blog mostly for myself and my own personal use in recording personal reflections on a host of topics. After leaving the active, parish ministry, I am redirecting some of my energy to reading, research and writing. I want to perfect some of my past writings and sermons. This blog is primarily for me!

At the same time I want to share my work with others who are my friends and colleagues. I want to learn from what others say about what I am writing. What is worth sharing? What is worth writing? What can I learn through my sharing this blog with others?

It is also through this blog I plan to highlight the exceptional work of others who have influenced me in my reading and research. I will share links that I find meaningful. Certain role-models will be quoted often. I will always try to give others credit for what they say or share.

Personally, I have been a pastor for nearly forty years. Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in 1977, I recently went on disability leaving my most recent pastorate in November of 2013.

In my heart I am an urban pastor. From back in college, I have been interested in city ministries. Theologically, I would like to see myself as a progressive thinker. I enjoy traditional worship. At the same time I know that the church needs to build on tradition in meeting the needs of people in new and varied contexts. Much of what I post in the blog will be related to the tensions that exist between:

What was
What is
What is to come

Finally, I am married to a wonderful woman, Nancy, who has her own career as a librarian and information specialist working for Dow Chemical. Our daughter and her husband Ken and son Thomas live in Concord, CA.

Educationally, I graduated from Hinckley High School in Aurora, Colorado. I then received a BA in Sociology and Religion from Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska. I received my Master of Divinity Degree from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. Ordained in 1977. I have served churches in Davenport, Iowa, Evanston, Illinois. I also served for 28 years the Warren Avenue Presbyterian Church in Saginaw, Michigan.

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