HATRED and GUNS: Just thinking in BLOG

 There is a a new anti-democracy pandemic in our nation.  It is HATRED. This HATRED is a festering disease.  This disease, like cancer, has been lying dormant in the souls of many in our nation for many, many years.  I believe our last President triggered the outward manifestation of this disease.  Let me be clear.  HATRED by itself isn’t deadly.  

Put a weapon, like a gun, in the hands of a hater and there is the potential of DEADLY VIOLENCE. Put millions of guns in the hands of HATERS and the potential for deadly results that can become explosive.  HATRED by itself doesn’t kill. A gun by itself is not the cause of this pandemic.  The gun in the hand of a HATER alone is only part of the pandemic.  Put a gun in the hand of a HATER who also has some mental challenges and there is an extreme potential for gun violence — and death.  HATRED without weaponization doesn’t kill.  GUNS without hatred doesn’t kill.  

What cures HATRED?  Love is at the top of my list and the need for more blogging!

I know there will be those who will find many holes in this logic. What I know for sure is that there are many ways we can CONTROL the violence that causes the high rate of gun related deaths.   

Consider this short list of gun related safeguards.  This list does not violate the second amendment right to bare arms.  

  1. Background checks
  2. Age restrictions on gun ownership
  3. Eliminate manufacturers’ immunity from liability
  4. Ban assault weapons 
  5. Ban high-capacity magazines
  6. Ban ghost guns
  7. Gun liability insurance (not unlike car insurance requirements)
  8. Weapon training (not unlike driving training)
  9. Red-flag laws
  10. Gun storage/lock requirements

Just thinking in blog.   

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