Biden or Trump……Political Journal Entry

(I don’t usually post political statements. I felt the need to go public with this journal entry)

There is no denying the fact that former President Donald Trump finds himself in the news almost every day. I find it amazing that most of the news portrays Donald Trump as a man who has a lot of STUFF going on in his life that is being investigated by congress, courts, or a host of political and non-political institutions — entities that suggest much of what Trump has and is doing is (allegedly) criminal.  In short I don’t see a lot of people giving Donald Trump awards for being a model citizen or a champion in business. For many he is a popular politician.  He is also known globally as a twice-impeached former lover of golf-President.  So why does the GOP continue to support him?   why do thousands love him? Because he is all they have?  Do people really long to be like him? For me, Donald Trump divides us.  He creates CHAOS wherever he goes.  He has a militant, vocal following.  He wants to be President again — but why?  WHY? WHY?

There is no denying that Joseph Biden finds himself in the news almost every day.  He has a lot of STUFF going on with COVID, inflation, crisis, natural disasters, global warming, a host of domestic and global issues. As far as I can tell Joseph Biden doesn’t spend a lot of time golfing.  He is not being investigated for any crimes.  He is a popular, loved life-long politician.  FACT: he won the last election! Joseph Biden has devoted his life in defending the constitution without the need to be announcing in every speech — “I am the greatest, smartest, richest leader America (or world) has ever seen!”  Bidens love for this nation is palpable.  He has a dozen major projects designed to improve the lives of all Americans—rich or poor regardless of race or creed or social standing.  He isn’t building walls.  He longs to heal divisions between people and nations.  He works for unity and peace…even with those in whom he disagrees…even trying to work with republicans and democrats.

These are some of my thoughts as a citizen and Democrat.  While I don’t know who I will support the next time we have a Presidential election,  I know for a fact I will be looking for a woman or man who governs with a smile and outstretched arms and open hands longing to embody the great affirmation that “WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD”.  I don’t need or want a divisive, authoritarian King.  I want a President who will help me once again proud to be an American.