I cannot ignore NEXT Church articles/resources when they appear in my email or on Facebook.  The latest email, NEXT U: Mission Shift in Christian Education, through the eyes of Jen James asks critical questions not only for Church educators but congregation mission teams.

These are excellent questions recognizing “that the local church is only as healthy as the community surrounding it.” 

1. Where are the places of health in your community? Do you see this health reflected in your congregation? If so, how?

2. Where are the places of brokenness in your community? Are those places of brokenness present in the congregation too?

3. What breaks God’s heart in your community?


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Many Ways to Build Houses by Jessica Tate

Excellent link to article on congregationally based community organizing. NEXT church is an informative blog for those wishing to be in conversation about ministry……I would encourage my Saginaw friends to get involved with the Habitat for Humanity that will be working on renovating over two dozen homes in the St. Stephens neighborhood. 

Many Ways to Build Houses






What’s NEXT?

Many main-line churches are struggling/closing. Buildings are old and expensive to maintain. Membership is growing older. Pledges and congregational contributions are no longer sustaining all the needs of growing church budgets. Churches can no longer support full-time staff. All of this while churches try to maintain worship and faithful ministries centered in Christ and God’s Word.  What’s NEXT?  This summary is a good place to start.  Plan now to attend the 2015 event in Chicago.