Clinton Marsh Benediction



Clinton Marsh was known for ending his worship services with different variations of this benediction.   Presbyterian Pastor, former General Assembly Moderator of the Presbyterian Church US; brother of former mayor of the city of Saginaw, Henry Marsh.   


“And now, I am supposed to say to you, “Go in peace.”  But how can I say, “Go in peace,” when you are going out into a world where you are insecure, whether at home or in your neighborhood street?


–Out into a world where race is set against race and ethnic cleansing is a name for genocide?


–Out into a world where people are hungry and homeless, while their governments squander billions of dollars on instruments of destruction that they dare not use?


–Out into a world were every night millions of mothers watch their children sink into a hungry slumber, only to awaken (if they awaken) to another hungry tomorrow?


With a world like that out there, how can I say to you, “Go in peace?”


But I dare say, “go in Peace”, because Jesus says, “I give you my peace.”


But – remember – he who says, “I give you my peace” also says, “If you would be my disciple and (thereby) I have my peace, take up your cross and follow me!”


So I dare to say, “go in peace!”  If you dare!