Random Thoughts about South Korea

Insights from sister-in-law teaching at the Dankook University, S. Korea. I wonderful experience. Sharing her blog with some of my friends….



The illustration here is of Dankook University, cut out from the hillsides of green just outside of Seoul in Yongin.

After about five days in South Korea, here are a few of my observations and thoughts:

* It’s great to be paid in millions of won (makes me feel rich!) but not so great to pay 1,000 won for a bottle of water.

* South Korean people are extremely nice. They never look crabby. They are also extremely helpful to foreigners with dumb questions.

* Eating South Korean food is quite a ritual. WmTJ and I had dinner at a nice restaurant last night and we kept looking for cues as to whether we were doing things right. Is this a soup, or a finger bowl? Do we eat these garnishes as a side dish, or dump them onto our entree? We seem to have figured it out because our…

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