Life in Rio Vista: Lions and Coyotes


As a ‘newbie’ in Rio Vista, California, I am now an official resident of the California Delta—located between Sacramento and San Francisco along the Sacramento River.  I am learning that residency requires large doses of sensitivity and tolerance toward those who live in this agricultural/ranching community.  It’s hard to imagine, but Trilogy, the 3000 resident golf course complex where we live, is like an Island in the middle of tens of thousand acres of some of some of the most fertile land in the country that provides billions of dollars to the economy of California.

In the Trilogy community, where Nancy and I have purchased a lovely home, there are heated conversations about the threat of fires, dust, farm-traffic, and noise that go hand-in-hand with living in Rio Vista.  For me, the biggest adjustment has been the heat.  In the month of June we’ve experienced many days in the mid-90’s reaching well in the 100’s.  We’ve had no rain…sun every day!  On the plus side, we also enjoy evenings with windows wide open with temps in the 50’s.    This is great sleeping weather.   The ‘Delta Breezes are a new reality for us – winds that seem to be blowing all the time.   In the negative column are all the threats of fire—a reality for all of us living in this delta community.

Of interest these past few days is the issue of guns and canons going off throughout the night as farmers combat the Coyotes coming down from the hills to feast on the sheep and cattle—I also understand horses are occasional victims of the Coyotes!  One farmer said he has lost as many as 15 sheep in one night!   The guns and canons are a common deterrent – and residents of the residential complex where we live have been complaining to the local authorities about the endless noise.  I have also heard that some of the canons  are set on timers to go off every few minutes as a deterrent.  Not sure if this is true, but I have also heard that Mountain Lions also come down out of the hills looking to feast on lamb or beef.  Lions have been spotted near highway 160.

What is required of me living in this new reality of the California Delta?  Two things come to mine:

First, sensitivity toward those who have lived and work the land around where we live for many, many years. There is a lot learn about the history and people of this beautiful delta land!

Second, tolerance is required of me an my neighbors when it comes to the inconveniences that go with living in this resort community in the Delta.

One question comes to mind that still has to be answered: Why did the developer of TRILOGY pick this particular place, Rio Visa, to plant a golf course and resort community?   All I know for sure:  I’m glad they did—this is a lovely place to live!

Needless to say there is a lot for me to learn as a neighbor and friend committed to living in this agriculturally rich Delta!

Thoughts From Rio Vista 06/09/2016



We love our new home in Rio Vista, California.  This is a small town on the shore of the Sacramento River on the East Bay of San Francisco.  Some would also say it is located on the North Bay.  We are only about 30 miles from Sacramento.  Referred to as the Delta, we have already experienced the high temps of over 100 degrees with high winds blowing through the night.  The landscape near our home is covered with wind farms—I am not sure what else to call them.   Endives are a major crop. Again, I know little about them.    


Having always lived in large cities, Rio Vista is going to be different.  We are getting used to one grocery store, two banks and one pharmacy.   There is a McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC and Subway.  We will soon find out if the only pizza place delivers.  There is one self wash car wash–we’re not used to carrying dozens of quarters with us in getting our car washed.   While Rio Vista doesn’t have a doctor, we see signs for several dentists.  We will be driving to Fairfield, Antioch or Lodi for most of our major shopping.  We also plan on making many trips to Concord, roughly 30 miles, where our daughter and her family live.

This being said, I am looking forward to living in a community where we can really get to know our neighbors.  Population of about 8,000, we live in a beautiful gated 55+ community of about 3,000 — called Trilogy,  Trilogy is on Highway 12 on the north side of Rio Visa.  With dozens of small clubs and two pools and restaurant, we will have plenty to do without leaving this small city complex.

We will be shopping for a church home.  There are no Presbyterian Churches in Rio Vista. We will soon be checking out the Congregational Church located in downtown Rio Visa.   I am also looking forward to learning more about the Presbyteries around this small town (San Francisco, Sacrament, Red Woods and Stockton).  We are located at a point where these four Presbyteries meet!      

We love our home.  We are glad we made this move to Rio Vista.  We like the people around us. We are going to thoroughly enjoy being close to where our daughter and her family live. 

All is good as I write this blog from my desk overlooking a beautiful courtyard.