With some unyielding encouragement from Nancy, something I have learned to hear and take seriously, I decided to part with my old office chair. IMG_2365Held together with duck tape, it is time to listen to my wife…..’get rid of that eyesore’!  Holding onto a gift certificate for a new chair for over a year, I am finally purchasing a new chair.   This new chair is going to go into a new office in our new home in Rio Vista, California.   I am also fortunate knowing that I will have a private entrance to my office leading to a small, private patio.

This new home is going to be in new city for us near San Francisco.  We will be living closer to our daughter and her family.  We will have new neighbors.  We will be getting used to new grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, dentists and doctors.  Because we will be living in a large ‘gated community’, there will be plenty of clubs to join.  We will also be looking for a new church.  I discovered there are no Presbyterian churches in Rio Vista!

I am also reminded of what my pastor said a few weeks back when preaching from Isaiah 43:19.  “Behold, I am doing a new thing….”   Every day is going bring new experiences.  Every day, grounded in where we have already been, will always be grounded in the love of God that is transformational. 

In addition to getting used to a new chair, Nancy and will be adjusting to a host of new things.   We will also be living close to our daughter and her family.  We will also stay in touch with good friends and neighbors we have made while living in Davenport, Iowa, Evanston, Illinois, and Saginaw, Michigan.  I hope to remain a member of the Presbytery of Lake Huron.  While new things will be happening all around us, we will cherish the many relationships nurtured these past years. 

I will soon be getting used to a new chair.  But first, I will need to figure out how to put it together! 

Continue to hold us in your prayers as we make this move from Saginaw to Rio Vista!



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