I have a hard time imagining Donald Trump as President.   While it troubles me that Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz might also have a small chance at becoming the Republican candidate, Donald Trump really worries me.  He seems to have the support of what some call the GRAND NEW PARTY! 

I have spent the last few days listening to a host of reputable commentators who predict that Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate for President.   Conservative stars, at this time in late February, seem to be aligned for this to actually happen.  One issue seems to stand out:  Donald Trump is tapping into the anger and frustrations of people who feel Washington has failed them.  Trump doesn’t hold back in sharing his own anger and frustrations with inappropriate things he says. 

I still ask as a democrat:  what has happened to all the good things that can be documented that Barack Obama has done to make this a safer world that is much more economically stable than eight years ago with unemployment under 5% and millions of people now getting health care they never had a chance to receive before?  Barack Obama will be known in history as one of our greatest Presidents.  Obama looks and sounds Presidential.  He is respected by leaders around the globe.   Before even receiving the GOP Nomination, world leaders have shared the fact they are worried about what Donald Trump would bring to the world stage. 

I have to pay attention to those who say Republicans, at a core level, speak of Trump and Cruz and Rubio just as Democrats, at a core level, spoke of Barack Obama as a young African-American Senator running for President.  I must ask of myself, are some of the things I am feeling the same things republicans felt prior to Obama’s being elected?  This is a question I must ask.

In all of this I am trying to step back in trying to be a careful ‘listener’ in hearing what Donald Trump supporters are saying to us as a nation.  I share the frustration and anger when it comes to a senate that refuses to support anything that comes from the mouth of Barack Obama.    

What has happened to the decorum required to be leader of the free world—President of the United States of America.  What are leaders around the globe going to say if all that Trump anger and lack of  decorum is found in the next President?  I would like to see a person in the White House who acts Presidential.  Trump, as President, would be an embarrassment—domestically and around the globe.  Trump is clueless when it comes to having a command of all the issues a President must face.  

More important than ever before, this nation needs to elect a democrat to be President.   It is also time for the democrats to take control of congress.  It is time to get out the votes for a democrat to be the next President of the United States.



Obama Speech at Baltimore Mosque–

Every student in every Civics Class should be required to read or hear this speech!   This speech was delivered by President Obama in a Mosque in Baltimore on February 3, 2016.  As a Christian and Presbyterian Pastor, I know there those who will not agree with everything in this speech.   Just read it!   Fact-check it!  As Muslims and Jews and Christians we are “One Nation under God”!

A short segment from this speech from President Obama:

“Here’s another fact:  Islam has always been part of America. Starting in colonial times, many of the slaves brought here from Africa were Muslim.  And even in their bondage, some kept their faith alive.  A few even won their freedom and became known to many Americans.  And when enshrining the freedom of religion in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, our Founders meant what they said when they said it applied to all religions.

Back then, Muslims were often called Mahometans.  And Thomas Jefferson explained that the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom he wrote was designed to protect all faiths — and I’m quoting Thomas Jefferson now — “the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mahometan.”  (Applause.)

Jefferson and John Adams had their own copies of the Koran. Benjamin Franklin wrote that “even if the Mufti of Constantinople were to send a missionary to preach to us, he would find a pulpit at his service.”  (Applause.)  So this is not a new thing.

Generations of Muslim Americans helped to build our nation. They were part of the flow of immigrants who became farmers and merchants.  They built America’s first mosque, surprisingly enough, in North Dakota.  (Laughter.)  America’s oldest surviving mosque is in Iowa.  The first Islamic center in New York City was built in the 1890s.  Muslim Americans worked on Henry Ford’s assembly line, cranking out cars.  A Muslim American designed the skyscrapers of Chicago. 

In 1957, when dedicating the Islamic center in Washington, D.C., President Eisenhower said, “I should like to assure you, my Islamic friends, that under the American Constitution … and in American hearts…this place of worship, is just as welcome…as any other religion.”  (Applause.)

And perhaps the most pertinent fact, Muslim Americans enrich our lives today in every way.  They’re our neighbors, the teachers who inspire our children, the doctors who trust us with our health — future doctors like Sabah.  They’re scientists who win Nobel Prizes, young entrepreneurs who are creating new technologies that we use all the time.  They’re the sports heroes we cheer for -— like Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Hakeem Olajuwon.  And by the way, when Team USA marches into the next Olympics, one of the Americans waving the red, white and blue — (applause) — will a fencing champion, wearing her hijab, Ibtihaj Muhammad, who is here today.  Stand up.  (Applause.)  I told her to bring home the gold.  (Laughter.)  Not to put any pressure on you.  (Laughter.)

Muslim Americans keep us safe.  They’re our police and our firefighters.  They’re in homeland security, in our intelligence community.  They serve honorably in our armed forces — meaning they fight and bleed and die for our freedom.  Some rest in Arlington National Cemetery.  (Applause.) 

So Muslim Americans are some of the most resilient and patriotic Americans you’ll ever meet.  We’re honored to have some of our proud Muslim American servicemembers here today.  Please stand if you’re here, so we can thank you for your service.  (Applause.)

So part of the reason I want to lay out these facts is because, in the discussions that I was having with these incredibly accomplished young people, they were pointing that so often they felt invisible.  And part of what we have to do is to lift up the contributions of the Muslim American community not when there’s a problem, but all the time. 

Our television shows should have some Muslim characters that are unrelated to national security — (applause) — because — it’s not that hard to do.  There was a time when there were no black people on television.  And you can tell good stories while still representing the reality of our communities.

     Now, we do have another fact that we have to acknowledge.  Even as the overwhelming majority — and I repeat, the overwhelming majority — of the world’s Muslims embrace Islam as a source of peace, it is undeniable that a small fraction of Muslims propagate a perverted interpretation of Islam.  This is the truth. “

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The stage is set.  Read the speech.  I am putting this in my Blog because I don’t want to lose it.