Making A Difference

I’ve been thinking about this sermon[1] (  by Shannon Kershner now for a couple of weeks.   It’s still with me!

This was a stewardship sermon delivered from the pulpit of the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago – a memorable message that reminds me that my giving to the church really makes a “holy difference” not only in with those who are served by the church but also in my life. I do feel the joy in giving as a holy experience of God presence in my life.

Pastor Kershner asks this important question: “What kind of holy difference does our giving make in us?”   Do we experience God’s “holy presence” through what we give?  Seriously!  Think about the holy things God does through us and the blessings we receive through our giving generously for the benefit of others.

To quote the sermon:

So this week, as you continue to prayerfully consider what you will pledge, give, to this church for God’s work in this world, for the building up of God’s kingdom, God’s reign, God’s community of love, or as your reconsider what you have already pledged, take into account what kind of a holy difference your gift will or will not make in your life.

[1]   Give, Grow, Become!  Joy and Generosity, Shannon J. Kershner, Pastor, Fourth Presbyterian Church, November 1, 2015.

1 Comment

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your writings
    Thank you for sharing Rev Shannon Kershner message.
    I was looking for a message on “Stewardsip”. I thought of her first.
    So thank you for sharing.
    I will be sharing part of her notes.
    And yours if I may?
    I am a RE at First Pres in Las Cruces
    New Mexico. I will be giving a stewardship message this month.
    The best I ever heard on the subject
    was many years ago by Rev Shannon Keshner. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings to you and yours.
    Good luck on pairing down things.
    Nancy Tasker Johnson.

    She ordained me as a ruling elder
    Years ago at Woodhaven
    Presbyterian Church, Irving , Tx

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