Driving on another cold winter day, I hit another pothole and say to myself:  “Time to get my car wheels realigned”.  Then I hit another pothole, CRINGE AND CONCLUDE:  “Why bother?  I’m just going to keep hitting potholes! The car is always going to be out of alignment!  I could just wait until spring for this realignment”.   I then think about the permanent damage that could be done to my wheels and car if I don’t do some preventative maintenance in addressing this alignment issue.

Then a God moment:  Not just with my car but also in life, preventative maintenance is always a good idea.

In my personal devotions, I am beginning another Lenten journey toward the cross of Jesus.  More important this journey leads to Easter and the empty tomb and ultimately Jesus’ ascension into heaven.  In my personal journey, I need to do some preventative spiritual maintenance.  There is plenty in my life to be re-aligned with God.    Just as it took time for Jesus to travel and through Jerusalem it’s going to take time to get my life realigned with God.

And another question: What would it be like to walk in Jesus’ shoes (or sandals) traveling through Jerusalem in preparing the next five weeks leading to Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter?

My challenge right now is in identifying the potholes that throw me off in living in balance with God.  What in my life needs to be realigned with God and friends?  Where do I go for this “realignment”?  The church?  Friends?  Christ?

These are just a few questions I ask as I drive through another pothole – as I begin this 2015 Lenten journey with friends and colleagues—and my Lord.

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