Good Questions asked by Jeffrey D. Jones

Good and insightful questions are asked by Jeffrey D. Jones[1] in helping to guide congregations in discerning the future mission of the church.


  1. One question that has been asked consistently through the years, and even more so in these days of declining church membership is, “How do we bring them in?” It would be better for us to ask, “How do we send them out?”

  1. In these days of changing roles and responsibilities many wonder, “What should the pastor do?” But a more important question for congregations today is “What is our shared ministry?” 
  1. When congregations focus on strategic planning they ask, “What’s our vision and how do we implement it?” What would happen if they instead asked, “What’s God up to and how do we get on board?”

  2. When congregations have financial struggles, they ask, “How do we survive?” Instead they might ask, “How do we serve?”

  3. When congregations think about their mission, they often ask, “How do we save people?” or perhaps, “How do we help people?” A better question might be “How do we make the reign of God more present in this time and place?”

Congregations need to find new ways to think about what it means to be the vibrant, living Body of Christ.   I commend Pastor Jones article for your consideration found at

[1]  New Questions for a New Day posted by Jeffery Jones on January 30 by Alban at Duke Divinity School.

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