Journal: The Joy of Giving

Something inspirational that Nancy and I experienced last Sunday in worship as church members (and non-members) came forward to place our estimates for giving in a basket. This physical movement forward, together with fellow congregants, was visually symbolic of our collective response to God in sharing our blessings for the benefit of the work of the church we all love.

“Estimates of Giving” forms were mailed out the previous week.  The pastor reminded us through a children’s message and sermon of the JOY that comes in returning to God from blessings received.  As the members and friends of the church came down the center aisle with “Estimates of Giving”, I found myself watching and contemplating the importance of sharing our blessings – time and talents and money – with God with every step we take and every breath of air we breathe.  It is a genuine joy to return to God from blessings received.

The symbolism of this physical motion was not lost.

  • We joyfully give to the church so we can participate, together, in worship in giving glory to God.
  • We joyfully give to the church in order to hear and respond to inspirational sermons.
  • We joyfully give so the children and youth can learn more about God and Christ in Church School
  • We joyfully give so that those who are hurting or in need of special help can receive pastoral care.
  • We joyfully give so that people who are less fortunate can partake of many blessings through the mission work of the church.
  • We joyfully give so that the church, as a large family, can enjoy being in fellowship together.

This final thought: A blessing really doesn’t have much value for me and my family unless I can find a way to share it with others.   Giving to the church is an excellent way to share our blessings with others.

In what ways have you found to share your blessings with others through the work of the church?

**  Nancy and I are now worshipping 007at the Second Presbyterian Church of Saginaw, MI. 

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