Saturday Morning Political Rant

A few thoughts after listening to a half dozen political commercials on television early this Saturday morning—in a span of just thirty minutes! In addition to the miss-information coming from these commercials from both political parties, I am frustrated with the phone calls and emails asking for money.  I guess they assume they already have my vote!   I don’t mind the signs in the yards.  They don’t talk!

Example: Both candidates for Governor in Michigan have been spinning whether or not public education has received a billion dollars on their watch. Neither party is telling the whole story. 

What upsets me most are these smiling faces who have become experts in spinning just about any fact in order to get our votes on November 4th.  While I hope people turn out to vote, I also hope women and men will time to look beyond these commercial and emails in making their decisions.

This question, once the dust settles after November 4th: What kinds of decisions will these leaders really make in order to improve life for constituents?  The simple truth is the fact that these political leaders can’t promise me anything without first finding a way to work, collectively, with others.  Working with those on the other side of the political line?  What a novice idea!   I am not hearing political ads saying with any sincerity that candidates will commit to working with the “other side” in solving problems!

It seems that the candidates from both parties, Democrats and Republicans, have voiced no sincere promise to search for common ground on issues that impact the majority of citizens. While there may be candidates willing to do this, I’m not hearing conviction in these promises.  For example, the gap between the Democrats and Republicans has become so wide that I’m not sure there is any hope for these two parties to work together in finding common ground when it comes to the most contentious of issues facing the world today.

Heaven forbid it taking a CRISIS, like another attack on the homeland, for these two political parties to come together. I fear this is exactly what it will take.

Does this sound like I am becoming an INDEPENDENT?   Hmmmm!   What I would like to hear from both the Democrats and Republicans is a platform that states, basically:

I will not be imprisoned to vote only along party lines.

I will not be held captive by the leadership of my party that threatens to punish me by taking away my ability to serve, for example, on important committees.

I will listen and hear what all the people with varied opinions are saying.

I will cross party lines, if necessary, with my votes. 

In this may sound rather Calvinistic: I will vote my conscience!

Just some random thoughts on a Saturday morning.

All of this being said, I want to promote “getting out the vote”.   We still live in the best nation in the world with a democracy, while imperfect, still manages to keep our nation safe and afloat.  While millions of people are suffering, I still have hope that a few of our elected leaders will be more concerned about the welfare of people than their political career.

Enough of a rant. I wonder how I will feel after November 4th?

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