These Friday afternoon thoughts as the President returns to Washington after a week of NATO meetings:

First, his steady and methodical leadership is producing tangible, positive results in Ukraine and against ISIS.  He is keeping his promise to keep “boots off the ground” in these conflicts.  The President hasn’t had any kind of ”knee jerk” response to either of these conflicts.  He also managed to stay clear of the direct involvement in the battles between Israel and Hamas.  The horrific deaths of two reporters by ISIS terrorists, in my mind, were meant to illicit an emotional response.  I think Obama needs to take his time in consulting with Congress before making any decisions on entering Syria.  President Obama has been keeping his cool!

Second, what really bothers me is something I heard on the news.  We have been using air power in dropping bombs on various targets nearly NON-STOP, now, for over 25 years.  (I should say expensive bombs and ships and bombers and jets and drones for over 25 years).  I would be curious to know how many, if any days we weren’t using air power to make this a safer world in which to live.

Third, this question:  What can be done to turn all these conflicts around in taking pressure off all our American resources so we can  get back to the work of caring for this country and the American people?  We have way too many people suffering in this country. 

From where I sit, as an arm-chair observer of all that is going on, I think President Barack Obama is doing a pretty descent job in managing numerous world conflicts – while at the same time keeping his eye on the ball with dozens of domestic concerns.

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