Dimensions of Wellness

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Dimensions of Wellness

After writing a brief blog (https://tomcundiff.com/2014/01/21/ministry-tool-box-i-dare-you-to-live-a-balanced-life/) about William Danforth’s book, “I DARE YOU” I encountered a short article by Kelsey Osterman and Cyntia Ray in Presbyterian Outlook (http://www.pres-outlook.com/) that shares six dimensions of wellness to include in everyday life.  Quote:  

“Physical:  Participation in  regular physical activities.

Intellectual:  Encouraging continued learning, problem solving and creativity.

Vocational:  Having a purpose.  Preparing fdor and participating  in activities that provide personal satisfaction and life enrichment.

Emotional:  Feeling positive and enthusiastic about ourselves and life; recognition of feelings, seeking and maintaining satisfying relationships and stress coping.

Social:  Living in harmony with others and seeking posiutive interdependent relationships with others.

Spiritual:  Having a positive, personal value and belief system that we strive to nurture; acting in ways that are consistent with our values and beliefs.  As we think of wellness, let’s remember that we are whole persons in the…

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