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Bound and Nurtured in God's Love

I love the recent “back to school” commercial with the young boy, I will call him Tommy.  In this video he is taking inventory of all his school supplies placing them neatly in front of him on a table.  He is glowing while looking at new pencils and ruler and notebooks.  I can identify with him.  I still like visiting office supply stores looking at all the pens and notebooks and binders.  To this day I have a large collection of pens mostly because I enjoy trying out the newest ones on the market.  A touch of OCD hasn’t hurt me too much these past sixty-two years!

The little boy in the commercial notices the red marker is missing from the box of markers.  I know exactly how he feels.  I would be upset to know that a new box of markers was missing one!  In this commercial he finds…

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