I am struggling and disheartened with the escalating conflict between Israel and Gaza.    It’s time for a cease fire—both sides.  Too many innocent women and men and children are dying.   Too many people are being injured—especially in Gaza!   From my perspective all this violence from both sides of this conflict is an in insult to God – even an assault on everything we believe God wants for humankind.

I was disturbed to hear this week reference made to Israel as an “apartheid nation”.  I don’t want to carry this image of Israel in my mind or heart.  Yet isn’t there some truth in applying this label to what Israel is doing?  One such reference came from Dr. Allan A. Boesak who delivered a sermon this week at a (SCUPE) Congress on Urban Ministry in Chicago.  He spoke out against apartheid using his people’s experience in South Africa and the Gospel imperative of standing with those who suffer.  While I personally will not go so far as to label Israel an apartheid nation, it sure seems like Israel is reinforcing walls/barriers that will continue to separate Palestinians from Israel making any chance for co-existence or a lasting peace impossible.  With the large number of casualties in Gaza, all this bombing is escalating into an irreconcilable conflict.  The bombing must cease!   Smart people with a longing for a lasting peace must decide whether they are willing to talk.

I continue to join with the voices of neighbors from around the globe in praying for peace.  We must continue to be compelled beyond prayers in speaking truth to power on behalf of the poor and oppressed.



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