From a Distance!



From a Distance!

From a distance, I decided to prepare a short blog on how I experience the General Assembly from my home as a disabled teaching elder and at-large member of the Presbytery of Lake Huron.  I just went on disability six months ago.  I am still in the process of re-defining myself as a teaching elder experiencing the church from a different perspective.

I am experiencing the meeting of 221st General Assembly from the comfort of my home. I now have extra time to log into   From this page I can get to plenary sessions, PC Biz, and various articles summarizing GA business.  I am grateful for the on-line streaming that has allowed me to catch a glimpse of what those who are in Detroit are experiencing.

I am grateful for social-media and the dozens of posts lifting up faces and experiences of those who are part of this Assembly.   I have been able to share emails and FB posts with friends and colleagues who are in Detroit.   The ‘connectionalism’ we celebrate as Presbyterians is visible / palpable through pictures and videos and short articles.  As one who has attended many of these Assemblies in the past, I can feel the Spirit of God at work. 

The PC-Biz is an amazing tool.   Now that committees are meeting, I am able to follow work that is being done with various overtures.  An Example:

I wanted to learn more about the new proposed Directory for Worship.  While this is not one of the controversial pieces of business, it is a document that all teaching elders need to study as they create worship experiences faithful to our Presbyterian theology.  I logged in.   Amazed, I already had a password on file!   I downloaded the document and plan to listen to the plenary discussion on this item of business.  Yes, this item is going to be pulled from the consent agenda.

I have decided that there is no predicting what this Assembly will do with the ‘hot’ issues related to marriage and Israeli // Palestinian relationships.  I have my opinion.  I have also learned, from past experience, that it is nearly impossible to know the heart of the assembly.  I will be praying for the commissioners from the Presbytery of Lake Huron, of which I am a member.  I will be praying for the new moderator Heath Rada and this Assembly doing important work on behalf of all Presbyterians. 

I am listening.  I am participating, albeit from a distance, as a proud teaching elder. 

Honestly, as a disabled teaching elder unable to attend this assembly, I am feeling connected.   Image




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