Giving Glory to God

For readers of this blog: Specifically, in what ways are you giving glory to God? I have been thinking about this question. Have I been using what God has entrusted my care? These are questions I have been contemplating after reading what has become my “favorite quote for the week”. Written by N.T. Wright, Surprised by Scripture, and found on FB on April 30th:
“Glory is not simply a kind of luminescence, as though the point of salvation were that we would eventually shine like electric lightbulbs. Glory means, among other things, rule and power and authority; as other writers (notably Saint John the Divine) make clear, part of the point of God’s saving his people is that they are destined not merely to enjoy a relaxing endless vacation in a place called heaven, but that they are designed to be God’s stewards, ruling over the whole creation with healing and restorative justice and love.”

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