I have been blogging for six months.   My style is:  Helter-skelter! J  I am trying to navigate my way through the murky waters, trial and error, in deciding what to write.   I am trying to be disciplined in preparing one or two posts each week.   

My blog theme is based on what has been my core theological value:   Love is that which binds us together an builds us up!  Thus my theme:  BOUND AND NURTURED IN GOD’S LOVE.

My initial goal has been to record my thoughts along with links to the writings of others who “stir the pot” for me as I think through a variety of issues/topics.  I have posted a few sermons.  I have written about this transition in leaving the church I truly loved and served for over 28 years.  I really miss working with this congregation!  I have touched on some controversial topics:  gay marriage, gun violence – topics that concern me.

Honestly, I really like reading and posting links to the work of others who stimulate my thinking!   

My purpose in writing:  I am blogging for myself.   Some of this is an EGO thing.  I also see blogging as a pubic style of journaling.  I want to share my blog with those who may be interested in what I have to say!   And its okay if I don’t get any responses. 

My blogging has been a slow-motion journey forward in my accepting:

             I am no longer an active pastor in a church. 

            My dealing with life on being on “disability”.   I am not yet retired!

            I now have the time to delve into a variety of issues of interest

            I can read, write and share – free now from weekly sermon preparation

All in all, I am blogging in order to record some of those things that interest and/or excite me.

So what’s next?   I enjoy posting LINKS to posts of others and their blogs.  Three persons on my short list:  John Buchanan, John Vest and John Wilkinson.  (I have always been drawn to those who have connections with 4th Presbyterian Church, Chicago)

So if you are reading this:  Please stick with me!  Let me know what you think about my blog.  Help in guiding me toward those topics that are of interest to you.  Be part of the process of helping me perfect my blog.     

May God be with us all as we share our deepest thoughts and opinions with those who have entered the blogosphere.




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