I am disappointed that the Saginaw City Council voted to postpone, indefinitely, the proposed non-discrimination ordinance that would afford protections for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.  I honestly felt a full spectrum of views along with an abundance of documentation was given the council so they could make an informed decision.   Another period of study (behind closed doors???) is suspicious.  Will we know who is invited to participate in these discussions?  Will ALL council members be part of these discussions?  If so, these should be/must be OPEN MEETINGS!

I also felt that the comments made by councilmen Fitzpatrick were totally inappropriate.  To quote:

“I will never vote for this, ever,” Fitzpatrick said. “No matter how many amendments you put in here. Because sexual mores — your choice of what you do behind closed doors — has nothing to do with being a good citizen. It has nothing to do with the city of Saginaw. It has nothing to do with what we’re charged here at this Council to do. Shame, shame on you.”  (Saginaw News, Mark Tower,  4/23/14)


I was embarrassed in his calling the public presentations, from my recollection, “theatrics”.   Well organized, yes!   What’s wrong with being organized?  At least now we  now where this councilman stands!

From where I sit as a pastor, this is a straight-forward human rights issue that deserves to be passed — enthusiastically — in support of the LGBT community.  Will the City Council embrace doing what is right?  Without futher delay?