Clinton Marsh Benediction



Clinton Marsh was known for ending his worship services with different variations of this benediction.   Presbyterian Pastor, former General Assembly Moderator of the Presbyterian Church US; brother of former mayor of the city of Saginaw, Henry Marsh.   


“And now, I am supposed to say to you, “Go in peace.”  But how can I say, “Go in peace,” when you are going out into a world where you are insecure, whether at home or in your neighborhood street?


–Out into a world where race is set against race and ethnic cleansing is a name for genocide?


–Out into a world where people are hungry and homeless, while their governments squander billions of dollars on instruments of destruction that they dare not use?


–Out into a world were every night millions of mothers watch their children sink into a hungry slumber, only to awaken (if they awaken) to another hungry tomorrow?


With a world like that out there, how can I say to you, “Go in peace?”


But I dare say, “go in Peace”, because Jesus says, “I give you my peace.”


But – remember – he who says, “I give you my peace” also says, “If you would be my disciple and (thereby) I have my peace, take up your cross and follow me!”


So I dare to say, “go in peace!”  If you dare!





  1. I knew and loved Rev. Marsh almost all of my life as child growing up in Indianapolis. Till this day he has, and still influence me to love and serve God. As a child, I knew he loved God, and I could see Jesus in his life. Rev. Marsh introduced me to the life changing “Word Of God”…and I’m forever grateful.
    I’m 71 years old and through all these years he in still in my heart and I’m sure in my “grate clouds of witnesses “. I love him and miss him…God bless his enteral spirit.

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