Support Raising the Minimum Wage

Support Raising the Minimum Wage


A FB post on February 21 by Robert Reich caught my attention.  Back in 1996 when the minimum wage was increased, the


 “US economy created more jobs that were ever created in any four-year period.”


The economic benefit far outweighs the potential loss of jobs.  Business thrives when people have more money to spend.  Businesses can hire more employees when they are making more money!   A no brainer!


While the CBO suggests a proposed hike in the minimum wage to $10.10 and hour might possibly cause a loss of 500,000 jobs,


 “….that same report said such a hike would directly lift the wages of 16 million Americans and indirectly another 8 million — thereby adding $31 billion to the paychecks of low-wage Americans and lifting 900,000 out of poverty.”     


The benefits of a wage hike far outweighs the potential loss. 

Reich then asks:


“In a decent society, no one working full time should be in poverty.  Do you agree?”



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