Reflections: Connectional Church


Always delighted to find connections within the Presbyterian Family!   I recently found a dynamic young preacher, John Weems, who recently became the Senior Pastor of the historically renowned San   Francisco church, Calvary Presbyterian. .  Check him out.  I really appreciate his sermons.  My connection with this SF church?  Only through former pastors Dr. Laird Stuart and James G. Emerson. 

Laird Stuart was pastor of the church where my wife and I were married, the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh.   Dr. Stuart then became pastor of Calvary in San Francisco.  He then became the interim President of San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Dr. Stuart is now retired and living in Michigan.   I also enjoyed serving with Dr. Stuart on a General Assembly Committee on the  Book of Order in 1997 when I was commissioner to that Assembly.   

My history with James Emerson goes back to when I was first ordained n 1977.  He was pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church in Denver  This church provided support for me while at McCormick Seminary  I was a member of the Presbytery of Denver.  A friend and mentor, Dr. Emerson, worked with the Central Presbyterian Church in giving me financial support and in purchasing my first pulpit robe.  I got many good years of service from this robe!

Neat to discover these connections!  It was fun spending a couple of hours with these reflections!  Thanks be to God!


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