Alban Institute: Is “Stay Away” the Only Way?

Alban Institute: Is “Stay Away” the Only Way?

How Former Pastors Relate to Congregations “They Previously Served 

Having now written three segments on “Pastors in Transition” I realize how much I have struggled with this issue after 28 years of ministry with the small city church where we all felt close to each other as pastor and friend.  I like the image of that Rev. Christine Chakoian gives—leaving a pastorate is like that of going into “witness protection” – severing all relationships from your previous pastorate…..   The fact remains the past is part of who we are and where we have been….and where we are going in building new relationships in new and different contexts. 


Permission to reprint.  Originally published in the December 30, 2013 issue of Alban Weekly. Read the original article: Subscribe to Alban Weekly:


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