Why Did I Create This Blog?

Why Did I Create this BLOG?


Why did I create this blog?  The short answer:  I created this blog mostly for myself and my own personal use in recording personal reflections on a host of topics.   After leaving the active, parish ministry, I am redirecting some of my energy to reading, research and writing.  I want to perfect some of my past writings and sermons.   This blog is primarily for me! 


At the same time I want to share my work with others who are my friends and colleagues.   I want to learn from what others say about what I am writing.  What is worth sharing?  What is worth writing?  What can I learn through my sharing this blog with others?    This, afterall, is what blogging is all about!


It is also through this blog I plan to highlight the exceptional work of others who have influenced me in my reading and research.  I plan to give others credit for they say.  I can imagine sharing a lot of LINKS in what I post.  

I am excited about the possiblities blogging presents.  Any ideas or suggestions, please share with me in a comment or at tomcundiff@aol.com.  


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