Morning Advent Prayer

Morning Advent Prayer

Advent Lord:  This is the season of preparation for the arrival of the one whose reign will bring to fruition all things that are good and healthy, just and well for all God’s children.   We pray for a world where everyone is included in your heavenly embrace.         

As we await with expectation the coming of the one who brings to the world the promise of hope and peace, we pray to remember this is not a season for passive waiting.  Thank you for calling us to work proactively for this hope and peace on our streets and nation and world.  We pray, God, to become aware of new ways to become your hands and feet, mind and heart of Christ in compassionately serving others.   

In longing for the “Prince of Peace” to enter our hearts, we pray for the — (my personal prayer list for today):

             — Hungry, poor and homeless walking the streets

             — Immigrants longing for a nation to call “home”

             — Those longing meaningful work and a decent wage

             — The disenfranchised, mentally challenged and disabled

             — Children longing for happy play and safe streets

             — Victims of violence on our streets of our cities. 

             — Persons who are gay and straight seeking to be united as One in marriage

             — All people of this nation and world searching for quality and  affordable health care

Oh so many issues and concerns that have entered my heart!

My morning prayer is for an open and inclusive church to recognize the power of Christ in helping the all in the Christian community work through all of these challenging issues with gospel in hand.  

God:  May I work this day to be proactive in working to bring the compassion and love and joy of Christ into the world.                 



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